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Where will they go?

The location of the units and priority of installation is to be decided by consultation with the Ambulance trust and other agencies. The UK Resuscitation Council suggests an AED should be available wherever medical treatment is more than 5 minutes away. Following a Cardiac Arrest the chance of survival decreases by 23% per minute. For optimum chances of a positive outcome, the AED should be used within 4-5 minutes of cardiac arrest. To achieve this goal Chorleywood will need several AEDs.

The greater the number of people present in, or passing through any one place, the greater the risk of SCA occurring there. Other risk factors such as activities that occur at a place and the participant’s risk factors will be considered. Consultation with the community for their views on priorities will also be sought.

The centre of the village is an obvious place due to the number of people who pass through there. It is also close to lots of residential properties. The golf and cricket club users along with anyone exercising on the common are  high risk groups, as are the tennis club and football pitch users on the Chorleywood House Estate. While these are high risk groups, they are relatively small in number and some of them seasonal. They are also locations remote from the large population centres so thorough risk assessments must be performed to ensure appropriate placement. Clement Danes schools with over 1300 students and staff during the week and other groups that use the sports facilities, Barbirolli Hall and conference rooms is another site which must be considered.

Possible sites Village Centre The Swillet The Common St Clement Danes School CW West/Russell School CW House Estate CW Rd, East of M25 Heronsgate We need your help!

& need your input. Tell us where you would like to see an AED located.

Email us at info@cpads.org or call 283845 and ask for c-pads.

We are in the early planning stages

Map Click here to see possible locations